What’s in the Grand Prize “Swag Bag”? Sneak peek!

I’ve been having way too much gathering goodies to put in the grand prize “swag bag” for my bookversary readers appreciation giveaway. Here are just two of the many items the lucky grand prize winner will receive: a ceramic camp mug and a handy tote. Stay tuned for more!

And if you haven’t entered to win this or the other two great prizes up for grabs, why dontcha go ahead and do it already? It’s easy–just click on the following link and answer a yes or no question!


White River Red: A Novel One-Year Bookversary Readers Appreciation Giveaway

White River Red: A Novel One Year Bookversary Reader Appreciation Giveaway time!

For my awesome readers, I’ve set up the following giveaway, which starts today and ends June 13th. All you have to do is click on this link and follow directions!


Some restrictions do apply (must be 18 years or older and live in the continental US, for example)–details are found on the contest site.

Good luck–I can’t WAIT to ship prizes to the winners!