“Patience Is a Virtue, Virtue Is a Grace . . .

. . . Grace is a little girl who wouldn’t wash her face.” Well, scour that stubborn pate, Grace, because patience finally paid off! After three long years of research, writing, revising, submitting, shrugging bravely at rejection, submitting some more, revising some more, eating vats of comfort chocolate upon more rejection and refusing to give up, my book has finally found a publishing home! TouchPoint Press , a traditional, royalty-paying publisher has offered me a contract for publication and I accepted.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

I will be posting more on this site about my experiences in the publishing journey. So far, I’ve signed a contract, filled out some author data forms and had headshots taken for the website and book cover. (My goofball selfies make me look unserious, go figure. However, I resisted taking a stark black-and-white picture of me in a turtleneck, my hair scraped back severely in a bun, my chin resting ever so lightly on my hand, my index finger thoughtfully grazing my cheek.) I’ve also resigned myself to having to return to Facebook. Cue big dramatic sigh.

As we say in Kenya, Mungu ni mwema!



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